A list of what I learned and use

This list is not exhaustive. I always try to use the right tool for the job and I'm happy to learn new things.

Programming Languages

  • JavaScript For giving apps functionality
  • TypeScript For writing code that's easier maintainable, readable and less error prone
  • Python* For datascience and machine learning (*not focus)

Other Languages

  • GraphQL For easier to communications with databases
  • HTML For defining element structure and meaning in apps
  • CSS For styling apps

Libraries, Frameworks and Runtimes I like

  • Vue.js For writing application code that is easy readable and understandable
  • Nuxt.js For server-side and static-site rendering
  • Tailwindcss For easier and faster designing and styling apps
  • Node.js For code patterns

Hosting platforms I like using

  • Netlify For easy and fast app hosting
  • Vercel For easy and fast app hosting


  • Neo4j For data with a lot of relations
  • Dgraph For data with a lot of relations
  • Faunadb For most easy db usage


  • Node.js For any server operation
  • Git For version control
  • Npm For managing dependencies
  • Prettier For formatting code