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A picture of Marten West

Hello I'm Marten West

Thinking of creative ways to solve problems drives me

My name is Tom Marten Westerhuis. Marten West for short. I'm Dutch and work for Belsimpel in Groningen. On this website I share my personal projects and knowledge about code and building web applications.

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    Creator/ Co-founder

    Recipes without the annoying life stories

    Happylifescience makes finding recipes easier, following the recipes clearer and writing them a breeze

    • Authentication and user input
    • Dynamically render user created recipes
    • Graph database for fast and extensive queries
    • Jamstack

    Creator/ Founder

    Test and find the best places to live

    Waarwonen informs and tests your preferences on where to live in the Netherlands

    • Retrieving & cleaning data
    • Collecting answers & calculating score
    • Displaying information in a map
    • Jamstack


    Personal profile and blogs

    This site is my personal sandbox to experiment and share my knowledge in a blog

    • Observability
    • Email
    • Html to pdf
    • Jamstack

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